Our Team

Andrew W

Andrew Walter - Managing Director
Andrew has over fifty years experience in the civil construction industry and has been Managing Director of AWC and its predecessorsince 1991. His business has been built on his many years experience in plant operation and civil works, project and asset management and overseeing of plant and labour resources. This includes roadworks and stabilising, pipe works and subdivision works.

Marg W

Margaret Walter - Director
Margaret has been a Director with AWC since it was established in 1991, and has over 40 years’ experience in the industry.

Elliott B

Elliott Booth - Chief Executive Officer
Elliott is the PCBU and Chief Executive Officer of AWC. He has overall responsibility of all plant and the labour force of AWC; project management and contract administration; estimating/tendering; involves liaising with all stakeholders including clients, subcontractors and their representatives.
Extensive project management experience obtained over twenty five years employment in the industry.  This includes project management staff supervision, plant operations, drafting, surveying and financial management and stakeholder liaison.
Highly regarded in the industry for his knowledge and personal skills and is actively involved in all aspects of civil construction.

Brendan M

Brendan Moore - Construction Manager
Brendan is an experienced, qualified construction manager, having completed a multitude of diverse, challenging and high-profile projects throughout his career.  He has worked in the Industry for over 20 years and is well regarded in the industry for his problem-solving abilities, highly motivated approach and ability to negotiate positive outcomes.
Brendan’s extensive range of experience brings with it a wealth of professional contacts. He has built long-standing relationships with all stakeholders allowing clients the best advantages to access resources to consistently meet and deliver the best possible outcomes for clients.  This combined with his strong problem-solving skills gives Brendan a proven ability to consistently lead and deliver on construction projects with complex issues.

Grant W

Grant Wardlaw - Workshop Manager
Grant joined AWC in 2002. He is responsible for the  overall management of  AWC's extensive fleet of light vehicles and mobile plant.  Grant is also an integral member of our civil innovations team and makes recommendations to that team on new machinery and equipment.

Steve H

Stephen Harper - IMS Manager / HSEQ
Steve joined AWC in 2013 from the mining and has extensive experience in the areas of Safety, Environmental and Quality Management.   Steve has been actively involved in the development, management and implementing of these systems in real world environments and has a keen interest in software solutions.
His attention to detail and knowledge of the local and international standards required when working with an integrated management system ensures AWC workers are working within the parameters of current best practices.  Steve maintains our accreditations to International, Federal and Local Standards ensuring AWC meets its commitment to operating a working environment that offers a high level of safety and environmental/quality control.
Steve’s is proactive in training, supporting and encouraging on-site workers with a sound knowledge of our current system to help AWC achieve its “above the bar” goals.

Stewart G

Stewart Geeves - Technical Manager
Stewart is highly regarded for his technical and analytical expertise in the civil engineering field.   He is an experienced, qualified long term AWC employee with 30 years in the Civil industry, commencing with AWC in 1996.  He is highly respected in the industry for his knowledge and expertise and his ability to accurately estimate and tender projects.
Stewart is the current National President of AustStab, while continuing to provide technical and project management leadership across projects at AWC.

Gill A

Gill Anning - Manager, Personnel & Administration
Gill joined AWC in 2003 and manages the office and the human resources aspects of the business. Gill has over 30 years working in the financial and administrative field including 10 years at the Australian Tax Office, 6 years’ experience office management in the construction industry, finance officer duties for local government and office administrator duties in the private sector.

Cunningham, Charles 092013

Charlie Cunningham - Project Engineer
Charles is a competent and experienced project manager, having developed his skills across a wide range of complex projects, during his seven years employed with AWC. This has included works for State and Local Governments and other private clients, ranging in value up to $21M projects.
Prior to joining AWC, Charles worked extensively in the civil engineering design discipline for GHD Pty Ltd.  This experience has served his clients well with Charles’ ability to efficiently solve and deliver complex design issues ‘on-the-run’.
Charles’ proven experience in both project management and design is highlighted in expertly lead project teams, solving complex design issues while delivering quality outcomes for his clients.

McKeown, Adam1

Adam McKeown - Project Manager
Adam is a Project Manager / Civil Engineer and has been with AWC since 2013, previously working with Clarence City Council.  Adam is well versed in managing large, complex projects for a variety of clients, including the State, Council and private sectors.  Adam often manages multiple projects at once, and is well-equipped to coordinate and manage the variety of challenges a project can offer.

Hayden Allwright - Project Manager
Hayden joined AWC in 2017 and has developed his skills managing AWC’s northern projects. This has included works for State and Local Governments and other private clients ranging in value, up to $12M projects. Being detached from the main office in Hobart, Hayden has dealt with all aspects of the company’s northern operations and has become a very versatile manager.
Hayden has worked in a variety of roles prior to joining AWC. This included irrigation projects for Tasmanian Irrigation (in excess of $30M) and for TasPorts, completing refits of marine vessels.

Christoph Speer - Project Manager
Christoph joined AWC in 2017 and brings a wealth of Project Management experience from previous roles with Macquarie Point Development Corp and ESS/TAS Defence. He has strong technical skills in Software and WHS.  Christoph's  Environmental Science background adds value to AWC's commitment to sustain an Environmentally conscious company.

Geoff McK

Geoff McKenna - Operations Manager (North)
Geoff is an experienced, civil construction supervisor with over 40 years in the industry, including extensive experience working in State Government civil departments. As an AWC supervisor he has overseen numerous large projects in both the south and north of the state covering all facets of civil works.
Geoff is a trained supervisor assessor and has mentored many civil construction workers. Over many years in the industry Geoff has built great rapport with all stakeholders and this allows works to continue with little to no down time to the jobs.

Gary T

Gary Tringrove - Project Supervisor
Gary has worked with the company for more than 20 years overseeing major pipeline projects and major subdivisions.

Jade C

Jade Clark - Project Supervisor
Jade is an experienced supervisor with 25 years in the industry. He commenced with AWC as a school leaver and is now a highly experienced, capable and skilled site supervisor having overseen many large DoSG projects over recent years, a number of which have won awards for excellence in the Annual Civil Contractors Federation Earth Awards.
His ability to liaise well with all levels of stakeholders including on the ground workers, superintendents and subcontractors is testament to the regard in which he is held and in his ability to co-ordinate works and ‘move dirt’ on job sites..

David Schofield - Accountant
David Is a Chartered Accountant with over 35 years in the accounting profession including 15 years with Tasmania’s largest accounting practice and worked in business services providing accounting and taxation services and advice.  Prior to joining AWC in a full-time capacity David worked on AWC accounts for 10 years as an external accountant and as a result has a broad reaching understanding of the AWC business model.

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