Bruny Island Ferry Terminals

The Project: Landside works for Bruny Island ferries
Client: Department of State Growth
Value: $2.5M
Construction Period: December 2020 – May 2021
Location: Kettering and Roberts Point, Bruny Island
Superintendent’s Representative: Darren McConnon
Project Manager: Charles Cunningham



Scope of Works: 

The Landside Infrastructure Works was one of three packages of work to install an additional ferry terminal at Kettering and Roberts Point. Work included construction of ramp abutments in locations requiring land reclamation using rock fill. The steel casings were driven through the reclaimed land into the natural rock, where a down-hole hammer was used to drill out the holes for the cast in-situ concrete piles. Concrete abutments and approach slabs were constructed above the piles between precast concrete wing walls. Due to the marine environment and structural concrete requirements the concrete had to be water-cured for seven days.

The project included:

  • Installation of precast concrete and in-situ cast structural elements
  • Pavement and asphalt works
  • Retaining wall works
  • Concrete construction in a marine environment
  • Constructing pavement works under traffic
  • Trenching and backfill for power conduits
  • Removal and reinstallation of an existing 6m high gantry

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