Constitution Hill

The Project: Constitution Hill safety improvements

Client: DIER

Value: $7.9M

Construction Period: November 2008 - July 2009

Location: Constitution Hill, Midland Highway, between Bagdad & Dysart

Project Manager: Stewart Geeves

Project Foreman: Robbie Clark

Leading Hand: Jade Clark

Scope of Works

The project involved widening the existing road pavement to accommodate the installation of a 1.6m wide painted median to separate opposing traffic lanes, complete with the installation of a tensioned wire rope safety fence. The safety fence was continuous from the Swan Street (north) junction to the Clifton Vale Road junction with the Midland Highway.
The work involved junction works at each of Swan Street (north), Harbachs Road, Pritchards Lane and Clifton Vale Road and included embankment and pavement construction. There was also works associated with the relocation of the southbound overtaking lane merge point approximately 500m to the north of its existing location near the junction of Clifton Vale Road.

The whole of the pavement within the limit of works was resealed.

The project included:

  • Surface and subsurface drainage
  • Stormwater works including major box culvert extension
  • Supply and placement of pavement sub base,base material and bituminous surfacing
  • Installation of tensioned wire rope safety barrier and W beam safety barrier including back to back rail with skid rail
  • Supply and installation of rock filled gabions
  • Modification to a property access and fencing.

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