East Derwent Highway

The Project: Duplicating the carriageway and major improvements to intersections, including installation of new traffic lights plus new separate shared path

Client: Department of State Growth

Value: $24 million

Construction Period: March 2021– October 2022

Location: Geilston Bay between Golf Links Rd and Sugarloaf Rd

Superintendent's Representative: Nicolas Dwyer (Pitt & Sherry)

Project Manager: Adam McKeown

Supervisor: Jade Clark

Scope of Works

  • Construction of highway duplication requiring complex and detailed traffic management;
  • New pavement using marginal materials and innovative construction and stabilisation methods;
  • Reconfiguration of access to side streets, sports precinct and school to improve safety;
  • New raised concrete median;
  • Separate shared path for cyclists and pedestrians;
  • Complex stormwater works including directional drilling;
  • Traffic lights, street lights, water, power and communications networks and urban infrastructure such as footpaths, kerbs and bus stops

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