Subdivision Construction


Parklands Parade, Newnham subdivision

Year: 2011
Value: $1.09M

Parklands Parade involved an 18-lot residential subdivision adjacent to the golf course. Click here for Project Profile – Parklands Parade.


Brighton Army Camp Subdivision

Year: 2011
Value: $1.09M

An urban 26-lot subdivision was undertaken, including extensive rock removal. Click here for Project Profile – Brighton Army Camp Subdivision


Danina Street, Chigwell Subdivision

Year: 2009
Value: $1.95M

The Danina Street subdivision was a major 68 lot residential subdivision. Click here for project profile – Danina St Subdivision.


Penna Road Subdivision

Year: 2014
Value: $700K

36 lot subdivision


Burwood Drive, Blackmans Bay

Year: 2008

Value: 600K
Value: $1.95M

19 Lot subdivision

Whitestone Subdivision

Year: 2021
Value: $14.5M

243 lot subdivision

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