Road Construction

Road construction and maintenance has always been our core business. Our experienced team of skilled operators and ground staff work on a wide range of projects from small subdivisions to major highways. This work involves elements of many services AWC provides including:

  • road rehabilitation
  • earthworks
  • underground services
  • concrete structures
  • pavements
  • shoulders and verges
  • drainage



Subdivision construction is a large part of our business. We have a long and successful track record in constructing residential, rural and industrial subdivisions. These range in size from a single lot to multi-0stage developments and involve elements of many AWC services including road construction, earthworks, underground services and concrete structures.

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Road Rehabilitation

AWC is the only company based in Tasmania offering road rehabilitation through the stabilisation or modification of subgrades and pavement gravel using specialised machinery. Road rehabilitation involves introducing additional material, such as cement, lime, gravels, blended cement, bitumen or other chemicals, to improve the  original material.  This process is better for the environment and provides a cost saving so it has become sought after, particularly by councils.

Our road rehabilitation services include:

  • lime stabilisation
  • cement stabilisation
  • granular stabilisation
  • reclamation/milling of existing pavements.


Underground Services

AWC has a long and successful track record with the construction of underground services. These projects have seen the successful construction of small and large diameter heavy industrial pipelines with major pump stations and river intakes and discharges. We have skilled and knowledgeable teams that have delivered sewer, stormwater, waste and recycled water projects to local and State Government, Australian and Water Authority Standards.

AWC has also worked with service authorities in the installation of:

  • sewer, water and stormwater
  • pump stations
  • power and communication


Dam Construction

AWC's experienced teams have been involved in dam construction projects of all sizes and complexities, from small farm dams to raising tailings dams to major dam filter upgrades. Some projects have been in remote locations and completed in difficult weather conditions. AWC projects have included construction of recycled water dams for water authorities and dam liners for storing industrial waste. AWC has also been involved in the maintenance cleaning of Hydro Tasmania’s canals.

Our dam construction and maintenance services include:

  • new construction
  • filter upgrades
  • canal maintenance
  • dam liners

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Concrete Structures

AWC’s experienced team of formwork carpenters and concreters provide the basis for construction of a range of bridge structures, dam spillways, concrete-encased pipelines, barriers and retaining walls.

The services we provide include:

  • retaining walls – gabions, mass bloc and concrete
  • spillway construction
  • minor bridge structures

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Crushing and Screening

AWC recycles demolition concrete at its own site using a demolition crusher and double deck screener. Costs for standard demolition concrete are calculated per load, while rates for heavily reinforced concrete will be negotiated. We offer crushing and screening services on-site for large projects, with customers able to reuse the end product.

Our crushing and screening services include:

  • recycling of demolition concrete, including heavily reinforced concrete
  • cartage of demolition concrete from project sites
  • on-site crushing and screening operations for large projects
  • crushed recycled products for sale.

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Sports Ground Construction

AWC has extensive experience constructing sports grounds and we have undertaken major projects with both grass and synthetic surfaces. These projects have included drainage collection systems, water recycling, installing synthetic surfaces, light towers and goal posts as well as establishing grass surfaces with safety netting and irrigation systems.

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